Anpfiff | Kickoff

“Anpfiff” is the German word for kickoff, and it’s a good word for an initial post on a blog like this: In sports it marks the start of the match, and in terms of typography it is one of the rather few words showing off two ligatures next to each other (if you use a typeface that includes them).

I admit, ligatures are quite specific – but you might come across them if you are interested in typography. These ones are from Fred Smeijers’ Quadraat Sans.

If you like sports and you aren’t afraid of something like a ligature to pop up here and there (though it will be much more about numerals), this is the right place for you.

I’m a type designer who digs sports, and I’ve been writing about sports and typefaces on Twitter for quite some time. Now thanks to Kirby I finally have my own place to post news about my sports typefaces as well as observations about others. Blogs ftw!